Why Train with New Horizons?

  • "Training at New Horizons has provided an excellent learning environment.  I have taken classes at small and large universities as well as online, and for me, New Horizons interactive training is actually the best way to learn.  The New Horizons training centers provides a quiet learning environment with newer computers that allow seamless interaction between the student and instructor. With the entire course being offered online, it adds grace to the class because an instructor is able to answer questions at his own pace instead of having to pause for a raised hand.  In addition, all the classes are recorded, which makes it easy to go back in and review what has been taught.  Overall I am very impressed with the learning environment New Horizons has provided."

    Graydon – Pittsburgh, PA


  • Overall wonderful experience. Had a fabulous instructor who made the class interesting and fun.

    Grayson Smith – Atlanta, GA


  • New Horizons is a top notch training company and Mona Stephens is an awesome instructor. She is a knowledgeable facilitator who is able to relate to all students no matter what level of experience they have.

    Sharron Russell – Forest Park, GA


  • Competent instructors, up-to-date material, and an overall astounding quality of the training plus the equipment and facilities make New Horizons a first-rate training environment.

    Stetson Barnhouse – Overland Park, KS


  • After only six weeks at New Horizons studying both Network+ and Security+, I was well prepared for both exams, took them and passed! I would certainly recommend New Horizons Computer Learning Centers to anyone who wants to learn new skills quickly and efficiently.

    Laura Scarbrough – Consumer Student, Los Angeles


  • The instructors are very knowledgeable about everything. Plus, they have real world experience to go with it to back up their teaching.”

    Mariah DiDomenico – Beaverton, OR


  • After working for a company for almost 19 years, my position was eliminated. I had worked most of my life with children and wanted to move into an office position until retirement. Looking for an office job I found that I greatly lacked in the required Microsoft Office. I was lucky to find New Horizons. Karen Schramm, Education Consultant was compassionate, friendly and knowledgeable. After we spoke, she set me up in the MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) program which will give me the skills I need. Being a more experienced worker, I was nervous and reluctant about going back to school. As soon as I entered my first class, I was put at ease by the friendly, intelligent staff and the relaxed atmosphere at New Horizons. It has been a rewarding experience for me and I am learning what I need to pursue my career. The dedicated and caring staff makes the experience great. After I finished my first test for MOS, one of the staff ran down the hall after me. I didn’t know that he had seen me taking my test and wanted to know how I did. I was touched that he cared and took the time to congratulate me. Thanks to New Horizons and its staff, I am proud to say that I have my Microsoft Office Specialist Certification and am on my way to a new and exciting career.”

    Mary Diesing, MOS – Pittsburgh, PA


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