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Achieve Your VMware Certification Goals in 2014

Posted: Jan 29, 2014
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Author: Nicole Winn


Your Path to VMware Certification Starts in 2014

As demand for IT professionals with VMware skills increases, it is essential to distinguish yourself in the market with training and certification that validates your technical capabilities. And, an authorized VMware training partner like New Horizons would love to help you achieve your certification goals for 2014!

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According to David Day, Director of Global Curriculum at VMware, “IT professionals need to spend around 10 hours per week educating themselves in order to stay relevant in today’s fast-changing technology landscape.”

As you look back on 2013 and think about making the most of 2014, here are two questions for you: 1. Did you stay on top of current trends and add new skills that will help you solve problems faster and better? 2. If you wanted to get a new certification, did you achieve your goal?

“A goal is a dream with a deadline,” according to Napoleon Hill, the original success guru.

And now is the perfect time to give yourself a deadline for a new certification, and to make a plan to help you meet it.Below you’ll find advice on achieving your certification goals from IT pros who have received advanced VMware certifications:

Strike While the Iron is Hot!
If your goal is to become a VMware Certified Professional (VCP), your plans will necessarily start with a VMware certified class. When the class finishes, “don’t let that knowledge sit stale,” advises Shawn Bolan, a certified VMware instructor and VCAP-DCA.

“While it’s fresh in your mind, go back to work and set a study plan for yourself; work with the practice tests; build your own lab environment.” Especially for the advanced certifications, Bolan stresses how important it is to prepare by both studying the material and building hands-on experience—it’s not enough to simply do one or the other.

Access Your Own Abilities
Where should you begin when you’re creating a study plan for yourself? VCDX #97, Travis Wood, outlines a helpful strategy that starts with understanding your current strengths and weaknesses.

Starting with the exam blueprint, he creates a spreadsheet that lists every element of the exam and then ranks himself one-to-three of whether he knows it, whether he needs to develop it, or whether he doesn’t know it. “Once I’ve developed that, I can target the areas I need to develop better, then I go through and research those areas, then go back and reassess myself until I get green down the whole spreadsheet,” he explains.

Engage with the Community
One thing that VMware certification holders consistently point to is the size and strength of VMware’s certification community. An easy place to start is with the VMware Certification community forum or by joining your local VMUGchapter. It’s also a good idea to put together a study group, where you can share tips and hold each other to deadlines. Finally, don’t be afraid to reach out to current certification holders for advice. Magnus Andersson, one of the first “double” VCDXs, said he has helped several colleagues prepare for their VCDX defence by reviewing their designs and even hopping on calls to walk through questions.

Use All Available Resources 
When we ask certification holders to tell us how they prepared for their exams (their answers can be found on our Certification Pros page), the list of resources seems to lengthen every time. There are hundreds of blogs, plus webinars, accelerated training bootcamps, books from VMware Press, and a bevy of free instructional videos. In fact, if you’re looking for the perfect place to start your VMware certifications, the new VMware Certified Associate does not require a VMware-approved class at all; training is done entirely through free online videos.

We hope these tips have gotten you excited about achieving your certification goals this year. We’ll be sure to have a glass of champagne ready on New Year’s Day 2015 to toast your accomplishments!

The above piece was originally written by Erik Ullanderson and first appeared on VMware’s Education and Certification Blog on January 6, 2014 under the title, “Make your 2014 Certification Plan Today.”

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