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Quick "Save As" workaround to help your Office 2013 users

Posted: Jun 9, 2014
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Author: Nicole Winn

If you support users who have Office 2013, you may occasionally find them complaining about usability issues that inhibit their productivity. Fortunately, many of the peculiarities of Office 2013 can be disabled by going to File | Options. Nevertheless, this still leaves a particular problem with "Save As" unsolved.

The issue is the seeming inability to perform "Save As" operations in a single step. For instance, suppose you want to do a "Save As" to create a file with a new name within the existing folder, or to quickly save a file in a folder that has not been recently accessed. Unlike previous Office versions and virtually every other Windows program, File | Save As takes one to an intermediate screen that helps advertise Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage feature. While a user can easily make the "OneDrive" location go away by unchecking "Show Additional Places For Saving, Even If Sign-In May Be Required" under Options, doing so doesn't get rid of the intermediate step.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Tell your users to just hit F12 to do a Save As. F12 goes directly to the regular Save As screen that users are familiar with. Alternatively, in case users may not remember F12, you can add a "Save As" icon to the Quick Access Toolbar.

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