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A Useful Stepping Stone to Cisco Certification

Posted: Mar 14, 2014
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Author: Nicole Winn
If you're thinking of getting Cisco-certified but find the task daunting, you might consider getting a Network+, Security+, or other CompTIA certification as a stepping stone. CompTIA certifications are considerably easier than Cisco certifications, so you can get an early success under your belt in as little as a few weeks. According to Cisco, people with Network+ certifications have a higher pass rate when taking the CCNA exam. Furthermore, some companies require CompTIA certifications for all IT hires, so it makes sense to get them out of the way and remove any barriers caused by such requirements.

Another popular CompTIA certification is A+. This focuses primarily on servicing and configuring PCs, laptops, and other user devices. So it's very helpful for a general IT role, but may not be as relevant if you want to focus on networking. Although a page on the Cisco website suggests that A+ is a prerequisite for Network+, this isn't an actual requirement, and neither one is required for getting Cisco certifications.

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