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3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs ITIL®

Posted: Jan 23, 2015
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Implementing ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)

Implementing ITIL can be an intimidating initiative for both business leaders, as well as technology leaders. Why should any business undergo this effort? How do you know if your business needs ITIL? How should your business begin an ITIL project?

The following list should address those questions:

#1. ITIL Lowers TCO
From a business perspective, ITIL can help lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) for many IT projects.

Expectations are aligned between business users and IT, a complete catalog of services is outlined, and clearly defined goals are established through an ITIL implementation. For example, a new software implementation would have all needed variables and costs covered—from hardware and network requirements and deliverables to the software configuration and setup requirements.

The business would understand what parts of the project would be supported by IT and what parts of the project would be supported by a third party, if applicable. By accounting for all costs up front, the business can clearly calculate a total cost of ownership that is accurate and quantifiable. Also, through leveraging common services that are outlined in the ITIL, the business can take advantages of synergies and shared services so that costs can be reduced through common and consistent practices.

#2. ITIL Provides a Roadmap for IT
From an IT management perspective, ITIL provides an interactive best practices roadmap for IT.

ITIL can be accessed and utilized for all aspects of ITIL operations. Each project can be assessed and implemented consistently from costs and services covered to the timeline and delivery milestones. IT managers can review ITIL to streamline services and processes, as well as identify and address any shortcomings with systems or services that are supported.

Some IT managers also benchmark their ITIL implementation against industry metrics to look for improvement opportunities or new service options.

#3. ITIL Utilizes a Common Language
For IT, and business users alike, a common language is utilized with ITIL.

This is a tremendous benefit for both the business and technology providers because there is a clearer understanding and communication between departments. For example, if a business user needs to submit a support request, ITIL has already identified the terminology that is used for the software application, hardware or network utilized. Support can then easily identify and address the issue without getting additional clarification to understand the user’s needs.

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