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5 Reasons Why IT Certifications Matter to Your Business

Posted: Feb 12, 2015
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5 Reasons Why Certs Matter to Businesses

IT Certifications & Professional Development

Since technology is what fuels business and innovation, IT Certification is crucial for any business that expects to stay competitive. And one would assume then that businesses are finally starting to recognize this, as online learning, especially, has taken off in recent years.

According to CompTIA:

86% of hiring managers said IT certifications were a high or medium priority during the candidate evaluation process.

Business with a high number of certified help desk staff handled 11% more phone calls and 28% more field service calls.

Nearly 75% of CompTIA PDI+ certified technicians said their organizations were able to gain business by promoting an IT certified staff.

The IT industry is ever-changing, and the skills an IT professional needs to do their job well is evolving as well. Do your employees have the right skills? Can they prove it? Many businesses are starting to see that certified IT professionals have more insightful problem-solving abilities, a better understanding of new technologies and are even less likely to leave their jobs.

The following are five more reasons why businesses should be seeking quality IT certification training:

1. IT Certifications Build Technical Perspective
On the job experience is not enough for an IT professional. Newbies have no baseline from which to judge situations and issues. For example, CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications allows for someone to gauge their ability to perform tasks and solve problems. The knowledge gained from these certifications gives new IT professionals a level of confidence right from the start; rather than having to gain that comfort level purely from on the job training.

Many IT professionals will tell you that they have greater respect for the junior level tech support person who has demonstrated a willingness to study and pass these certifications, and that they can take direction and training from more experienced team mates.

2. IT Certifications Breed Career Commitment
As specialization and difficulty levels increase, so do determination and commitment. Professionals who invest the time and brainpower to attain certifications tend to become more dedicated to their chosen field and to the organizations that pay to train them.

3. IT Certifications are Great Selling Tools
Whether on a resume, company website or proposal, technical credentials show expertise and commitment. In today’s competitive marketplace, if you’re a technology professional or a technology firm, and you do not have the right certifications, you could lose out to the hundreds of competitors.

4. IT Certification Training Minimizes Downtime
Is there a company today that is not trying to do more with fewer resources? Many companies are forced to downsize and increase the workloads of remaining employees. It’s imperative that organizations fully utilize remaining staff, and one of the best ways to do this is to provide technology systems that increase efficiencies, productivity and collaboration.

IT certification programs give staff members the training and instruction they need to fulfill specific tech responsibilities that enable greater output. Employees who are better trained as the result of certification efforts are less likely to commit errors that lead to failure; and when outages do occur, their knowledge and training will prove helpful in speeding recovery.

5. IT Certifications Help Companies Stay Competitive
It used to be that Japan was the biggest threat to US technology. Now, the competition from India and the Eastern Bloc countries is considerable. If American companies expect to stay competitive, they must invest in the information technology training of their workforce, or businesses may go offshore for programmers, developers and systems architects.

One of the greatest challenges students face is sacrificing time at work to complete training. Luckily, New Horizons has a solution for that: Since students often take courses from their place of work, our Online LIVE eliminates travel and the additional time away from the office. So the minute a class is completed, students are already back to work and able to fulfill their daily responsibilities.

New Horizons also offers an extensive selection of vendor-authorized certifications for top technology providers such as Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and VMware. In fact, we are Microsoft’s largest training provider—delivering more than 40% of all authorized MS training worldwide.

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