JavaScript Programming

Course Overview

Students will learn how to program by using JavaScript 1.3. Students will learn how to write JavaScript programs that use the latest language techniques (version 1.3). Students will also learn how to write programs that are compatible with previous versions of the language and are cross-browser compatible.

Who Should Attend

Students enrolling in this course should have a strong understanding of HTML programming and should have a basic familiarity with JavaScript. They should have examined scripts written by others and have implemented other peoples scripts on their web pages. This is a serious programming course for those students who want to gain a full understanding of this powerful programming language.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: * List the JavaScript syntax rules and implement good coding practices. * List the data and variable types that JavaScript supports, use the many control statements available in JavaScript, and create and use functions. * Describe object characteristics, use objects, instantiate objects, and create custom objects. * Describe the purpose of the Document object and use its properties, methods, and event handlers. * Script with frames in mind. * Describe the purpose of the Form object and use its properties, methods, and event handlers to read and write to HTML forms. * Choose a general process for validating user input into web forms. * Validate user input into HTML forms including testing for required fields, numeric data and numeric data within a range of values specified, and string data. * Describe the purpose of the Date object, instantiate and use instances of the Date object to create clocks, count-down timers, and perform date math. * Describe the purpose of the Math object and use its constants and methods to perform mathematical operations. * Characterize the compatibility landscape and choose between the various techniques for dealing with potential incompatibilities. Detect browsers in order to create code that works around platform incompatibilities.

Other Prerequisites

Background in XHTML and Internet browsers is recommended.

Course Outline

1 - Getting Started with JavaScript

  • Create a Basic JavaScript Script
  • Execute a Script
  • Add Comments to a Script

2 - Managing the Browser Window

  • Display Messages on the Status Bar
  • Open a Linked Page in a New Window

3 - Managing the Document

  • Write Content to a Document
  • Create a Dynamic Document

4 - Manipulating Data and Functions

  • Create a Form
  • Create a Function
  • Store Data Using Variables
  • Manipulate Data Using Operators
  • Convert Data Types

5 - Validating Statements Using Control Constructs

  • Validate Statements
  • Execute Statements Iteratively

6 - Calculating Numerical Values

  • Calculate Numerical Values
  • Manipulate String Values
  • Manipulate Date Values

7 - Using Regular Expressions and Understanding Ajax

  • Use Regular Expressions to Match Patterns in Strings
  • Understand the Basics of Ajax

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