Creating iOS 7 Applications

Course Overview

In this course you'll be shown a complete introduction to iPhone and iPad development, emphasizing the newest technologies and best practices for iOS 8 and Swift.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for Developers and architects who will be developing applications for iOS devices.

Course Outline

1 - Hello iPhone

  • An Introduction to iOS
  • Getting Started with iOS
  • Exploring Xcode
  • Surveying the Project
  • Modifying the Template

2 - Our Application’s Architecture

  • Starting with the Basic Building Blocks
  • Kicking Off the Health Beat Project
  • Building the Model
  • Laying Out the Storyboard
  • Connecting the Model

3 - Developing Views and View Controllers

  • Initial Housekeeping
  • Rotations, Resizing, and Redrawing
  • Updating Health Beat

4 - Custom Views and Custom Transitions

  • Custom Drawing
  • Custom Transitions

5 - Loading and Saving Data

  • The iOS File System
  • Managing User Preferences
  • Saving the Weight History Document

6 - iCloud Syncing

  • What Is iCloud Syncing?
  • iCloud APIs
  • Adding Key-Value Syncing to Health Beat
  • Adding Document Syncing to Health Beat
  • Debugging iCloud Document Storage

7 - Core Data

  • Introducing Core Data
  • Architecture Overview
  • Core Data Performance
  • iCloud Support
  • Converting Health Beat

8 - Advanced User Interfaces

  • Creating Motion Effects
  • Creating Physically Real Animations

9 - The Last Mile

  • The Final Touches
  • Building for Distribution

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This class is available for Private Group Training