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New Horizons Learning Methods Infographic

New Horizons Learning Methods

Businesses of all sizes thrive when their employees are up to speed on the technology and applications they use every day. Within the ever-changing world of technology, this requires employers to ensure that their departments stay current with the latest IT trends. With the New Horizons Central blended learning framework, IT training can help employees perform at the top of their game!

Investing challenges

When businesses takes steps toward training their employees, they may face five key challenges typical of any training:

  1. Cost and budgetary issues
  2. Lack of clear Return on Investment
  3. Travel time and ease of classroom location
  4. Loss of productivity due to time away from office
  5. Training not tailored to further develop skills applicable to job

At New Horizons Central, our flexible learning methods aim to eliminate these concerns. Depending on the type of learning model that works best for you, we have the solution.

Available Learning Modalities

When signing up for computer training with New Horizons Central, you can choose from a range of learning modalities providing you with the most flexibility:

  • Classroom Learning - A traditional classroom setting where certified-instructors set the stage for success by using engaging demonstrations and a hands-on lab approach, which allows students to learn while doing. The courseware is authorized by leading vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and IBM.
  • Live Online Classroom - Online LIVE training courses offer the same high-quality and interactive instructor-led sessions as the classroom, but are broadcast online instead. These sessions can be archived for future reference as well. This option eliminates travel expenses in addition to reducing employee time away from work.
  • Mentored Learning - Mentored Learning provides the vendor-authorized content with recorded lectures and hands-on labs that increases retention. Students get one-on-one mentoring from an IT professional, and the course can be taken in the center or online increasing flexibility and reducing time away from the office.
  • Online ANYTIME - Online ANYTIME is an interactive online environment without the instructor. It is up to the student to drive the pace and direction of these courses based on his or her interest and skills gap. Other benefits include flexible scheduling that requires no travel.
  • Onsite and Private Training - On-site courses bring our instructors to your office. This is ideal for large group training focused on a single topic. The private classes may also include labs and are planned around your schedule.

New Horizons Provides Results

Ranked in the top 5% of the industry for training quality and customer satisfaction, you can rely on New Horizons to give your employees the skills they need for success. Following our IT training, 68% of students feel as though they are more productive in the current jobs. That's not to mention the 98% who would recommend the program to others. With 300 computer training centers located in 70 countries across the globe, New Horizons is easily accessible.

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