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It is evident that more and more businesses are realizing that if you want your staff and your business to flourish, then you must invest time and money in training. When employees get acquainted with the new technologies, they can easily use them to provide better results for your business. Additionally, it gives them an idea of various competitive products and companies.

New Horizons Central offers an extensive selection of vendor-authorized business training solutions for top technology providers, such as Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. In fact, we are Microsoft's largest training provider—delivering more than 40% of all authorized MS training worldwide.

And, since New Horizons has the top instructors in the business, you can rest assured that all of our clients are receiving the best learning experience possible.

Why Provide IT Training for your Employees?

One of the best ways to maintain and increase your competitive advantage is to provide your employees with the computer training they require to be more productive and thorough in their everyday activities. In fact, surveys often show that employees value skill development as much as they value an increase in salary.

Properly trained employees perform their duties more effectively, and providing IT skills can result in fewer calls to the help desk, freeing-up your technical team, and allowing them to concentrate on more pressing issues.

Furthermore, training your IT professionals will allow the organization to enjoy the full-time benefits that a computer network provides.

How Can New Horizons Central Help Your Business?

Employee training remains one of the highest-return investments a company can make. And among those measured who trained with New Horizons, 50% of their job-related performance improvements were directly attributable to their New Horizons training.

Business training solutions from New Horizons Central can help you:
  • Create a greater level of comfort and efficiency
  • Boost employee retention and reduce recruiting costs
  • Increase employee productivity and performance
  • Provide you with the computer skills you and your employees need
  • Develop learning strategies to keep up with change

New Horizons Central understands the need to see a return on your investment; our business training solutions yields a 4:1 benefit-to-cost ratio relative to predicted increases in job performance, and over 98% of our clients report utilizing knowledge and skills gained in New Horizons classes.

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