Enterprise Training Solutions

Choosing proper training or certification paths is often difficult, but our clients appreciate how easy we make that process. New Horizons Central can help your company align the appropriate learning solutions to each of your department's needs—including software upgrades or company-wide deployment. Our Enterprise Training Solutions Experts even have the ability to help managers realize training opportunities they would have otherwise overlooked.

The Enterprise Training Solutions Division at New Horizons Central is dedicated to meeting the complex needs of your organization and can help you:

  • Assess employee competencies against job requirements
  • Develop training plans to enable effectiveness and growth
  • Tie individual learning needs to organizational objectives
  • Enhance employee performance
  • Provide public training events, custom training, on-site training and more
  • Utilize flexible learning options to minimize travel and time away from the office
  • Provide a measurable ROI for your training and technology investments

New Horizons Central also provides centralized support services that simplify the complex administration of your learning solution, including the following:

  • Account Management Team provides guidance, training and customer support through front-end analysis, program development, implementation, and rollout
  • Professional Services Team tailors learning and technology solutions to help clients achieve long-term growth and a competitive advantage
  • Client Support Team supports your organization's training administrators and employees with scheduling, registration, billing and reporting

And because we understand that unique learning styles exist, New Horizons Central offers several learning solutions, including:

  • Traditional Instructor-led Training
  • LIVE Virtual Training  
  • Mentoring & Deskside Coaching
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Private Classes
  • On-Site Training

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