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Becoming proficient with Connection tools in Microsoft Visio 2016

Becoming proficient with Connection tools in Microsoft Visio 2016

Connecting the shapes in organization charts and workflow diagrams



  1. Start by adding several shapes (Figure 1) to your diagram page.

  2. When connecting each shape, you will find the “AutoConnect” slightly easier to use, than the “Connector” tool.
  3. Select the View tab, Visual Aids group, and place a check in the “AutoConnect” box.
  4. Hover over the shape and you will see a “faint” blue arrow on each end of the shape, directly in the center.
  5. There are 2 ways to handle the connection tool.
  • You can hover over the blue arrow (Figure 2) in any direction, and you will get a pop-up window with the top 4 shapes from the stencil and whichever direction you select, click the shape you want and it will be connected in the same direction. You may have to move it around or place it elsewhere.

  • Your other option (Figure 3) is to hover over the arrow, and it will connect to any other shape already on your diagram within a few seconds.

  • The connector tool is dynamic, so when you move the shape, the connecter will find the closest connection point and connect to it. This will eliminate a lot of manipulation on your part.

I certainly hope this will help you with your experience in Visio 2016. You may also reach me at for additional questions regarding these instructions.


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