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Microsoft Azure Employment Outlook

Organizations are focused on hiring workers who can help build out their online operations—on platforms like Microsoft Azure—and keep their organization running smoothly.

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A recent IT spending survey conducted by Goldman Sachs showed that, while Amazon is still the largest of the cloud service providers, Microsoft Azure is the most popular provider and is quickly gaining market share. Organizations prefer Azure because of its flexibility, security features, and ability to scale, and employers across the country are currently looking for skilled Azure workers to help build out their online operations.

Numbering Systems & Conversions

Converting from one numbering system to another as a basic skill to other skills...

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With anything related to IT someone needs to understand numbering systems and converting from one numbering system to another as a basic skill to other skills. This piece is related to that requirement which is a basic skill in the following CompTIA courses: A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, CASP, Cloud+, and CySA+ as well as Cisco and Microsoft certifications.

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