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Critical Thinkers are ‘COACHES’! Seven Characteristics of the Strongest Critical Thinkers | CLD Corner with Jason Pugh

What if I told you that there are seven characteristics that the strongest critical thinkers possess? Let me introduce you to COACHES.

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Each of these characteristics allows us to stay calm and apply various strategies when making important decisions.

Making More Meaningful Meetings | CLD Corner with Jason Pugh

One big question I have received since the online transition has been “How can I make my meetings more purposeful?”

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One big question I have received since the online transition has been “How can I make my meetings more purposeful?” I get statements like “I can’t get my team to engage” and “I can’t seem to demonstrate meaning behind the meeting.” I would be happy to help! There are two strategies I use to better engage participants in my meetings: IEEI and The 6 P’s.

Becoming proficient with Connection tools in Microsoft Visio 2016

Connecting the shapes in organization charts and workflow diagrams

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For 23 years, I have trained hundreds of students in Visio and OneNote, which are 2 of my favorite programs to work within. I have found over the years some students mainly have questions about performing faster and or quicker in each program. Let me begin with Visio and a quick tip to assist with connecting the shapes in organization charts and workflow diagrams.

Being Your Own Hype-Person | CLD Corner with Jason Pugh

Even after nearly a decade and a half of teaching, training, and leading, I still get nervous on new encounters. Crazy right? The fact is this: It happens to the best of us.

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The best trick I have ever learned is to Be Your Own Hype-Person.

This revolves around having positive self-talk and finding the strengths in the way you deliver. It seems simple, but when fear comes our way, we begin to protect ourselves and find any negative out there. Positive self-talk allows you to be assertive with the person who needs it the most in those tough situations: You.

How to Create a Custom "Content Type" in a SharePoint Site

Improve productivity and efficiency of team members working in the Document Library

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Here is one example on how you can create a Custom Content Type in a SharePoint site, that provides more document template options for the site user when they need to create a new document in a library; when they use the New Document drop-down menu command on the file ribbon. Anything that we can do as Site Owners to improve productivity and efficiency of team members working in the Document Library, so everyone can work smarter and not harder! Teamwork makes the dream work!

Visual Studio Code | Expert Resources & Extensions

Charles Watkins gives you the run-down and excellent summary of Visual Studio, with direct resources. Microsoft got it right.

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Visual Studio Code (VS Code), by Microsoft, is a FREE small lightweight code editor that can be installed on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.  VS Code is not an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like Visual Studio but it has many IDE-like features.

Numbering Systems & Conversions

Converting from one numbering system to another as a basic skill to other skills...

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With anything related to IT someone needs to understand numbering systems and converting from one numbering system to another as a basic skill to other skills. This piece is related to that requirement which is a basic skill in the following CompTIA courses: A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, CASP, Cloud+, and CySA+ as well as Cisco and Microsoft certifications.

Anyone with questions is invited to communicate with me at and I will be glad to communicate with them. 

Social Engineering and Cybercrime – ACE In The Hole

The data is indisputable.  Of all the cyber-attacks reported over the past decade, those that started with social engineering dwarf all the other types of attacks by unheard-of percentages. 

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Let’s look at it from the cybercriminals point of view;  you can either attempt to write the most awesome, complex, greatest password-cracker program in the history of password-cracker programs, or you could develop a confidence game directed at an employee who might be having a bad day, or at a group of employees who have not had proper cyber-security awareness training in order to steal credentials. 


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