CLD Corner: Developing a Better Online Presence
Nicole Winn

CLD Corner: Developing a Better Online Presence

Virtual Remote Environments: Tips, Tricks & Signals

With the recent transitions in shifting to a more virtual work environment, it is imperative to show that you have as strong of an online presence as you do a face-to-face presence. All too often, we run into issues with our “home office setup,” and we need to better understand what signals we are providing the people we are conversing with.

Some of these aspects come down to virtual setup, including better lighting, background presentation, physical presentation, and positioning on camera. Other times, it focuses around better etiquette with punctuality, presentation, delivery, usage of the online platform, tone, clarity, and the ability to still captivate an audience. Allow me to provide some tips and tricks to better set you up for success!



Providing a strong virtual setup shows others that you have taken the time and effort to present yourself in a positive light. Unfortunately, in today’s business, judgments and impressions can be made in the first 10-30 seconds.

Here are some quick tips to help you win the first impression:

  • Put a small lamp in the back left or right corner of your office desk. This will provide maximum lighting without glare or over-lighting. Avoid close fluorescents if possible.
  • Ensure you have a neutral wall or a simple design in your background. Some companies provide a logo, but if not, do not show any personal items in the view of the camera.
  • Ensure you dress professionally when on camera. Do not loosen up your dress simply because you are at home.
  • When positioning yourself, place a mark at the center of the object behind you and ensure your body is positioned in that area during a presentation. Avoid slouching or moving off position.



Etiquette and Delivery are equally as important because this is about the judgment of the content you are delivering:

  • Always be a few minutes early for the meeting. If you are on time, you are late!
  • Ensure you know the technology being used and that you can share your video, microphone, and screen appropriately. Do not have any random websites open if you are presenting.
  • Master the five points of tone: Pace, Rhythm, Emphasis, Volume, and Clarity. Practice your presentation before getting on camera.
  • When speaking to your audience, pretend that they are directly in front of you. Ask them questions, engage individual people, bring in some light humor, and most importantly, smile!
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