IT Service Management

Managing the complexities of Information Technology is critical to an organization’s success. Understanding IT service lifecycles, following best practices, and understanding how to reap the benefits of a solid IT strategy are important to meeting the needs of your organization.

With courses covering such topics as ITIL, DevOps, COBIT and more, the Center for Leadership and Development has what you need to succeed. From those new to IT Service Management through to experienced professionals, our expert training can prepare you to meet the ever-changing IT needs of your organization.

IT Leadership Complete Training Solutions for the IT Leader

Differing from more technology-oriented IT management approaches like network management and IT systems management, IT service management is characterized by adopting a process approach towards management, focusing on customer needs and IT services for customers rather than IT systems, and stressing continual improvement. The CIO WaterCoolers' annual ITSM report states that business uses ITSM "mostly in support of customer experience (35%) and service quality (48%).

New Horizons offers training to extend your technical knowledge and develop other skills critical to success. Learn more about how our connected offerings can help you excel as an IT Leader.

Training offerings in other related areas like: 

  • Project Management
  • Agile
  • ITIL
  • DevOps


Role Specific IT Management training offerings:

  • IT Management and Leadership Executive (ITMLE)
  • IT Management and Leadership Professional (ITMLP)
  • Certified Hardware Asset Management
  • Professional Certified Mobile Asset Management
  • Certified Software Asset Manager


Develop your leadership and communication skills with these courses:

  • Effective Leadership Through Coaching
  • Leadership Excellence for Senior Managers 
  • Becoming a Transformational Leader
  • Communicating Across Your Organization 
  • Developing Successful Interpersonal Skills 
  • Building Successful Work Relationships 
  • Expanding Your Emotional Intelligence 
  • Prioritizing Your Time Effectively 
  • Transitioning into Leadership for an IT Manager 
  • Managing Remote and Virtual Teams


New Horizons remains a leader in technology training with offerings on emerging technology and authorized training from the top vendors in the industry. Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Cybersecurity, AWS, Red Hat, Citrix, IBM, F5, and more....

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Dr. Jay is truly amazing...

"This is the first online course where I actually was able to learn positive tips to truly help me when it comes to presenting to my customers. Also, Dr. Jay was so helpful and truly empowering. I am impressed with his ability to connect with each of us in the class. Awesome teacher!"

Every company should have a
Customer Service Training Program...

"Good experience with Jason over the past few days. All companies should have a Customer Service training program that is conducive to their environment. Companies need to be customer service orientated otherwise, they won't have a clientele."

Simply ... Fantastic ...

"Jason was fantastic. He encouraged participation, gave real world examples. He also remembered each of the participants, and used his knowledge of them to draw conclusions for the examples he was speaking of. One of the best New Horizons trainers I've had."

Lots of good topics...

"The sections on building credibility and reputation were most meaningful to me. Jason did a great job of presenting the information and keeping everyone engaged."

Communication for Results...

"I took away the difference of individuals and how impactful it is to learn to communicate in a different way to others that will drive results and better outcome."

Engaging, Encouraging, Excellent, Available...

"Jason is an AWESOME instructor. He is engaging, encouraging, available and worked through the course at the perfect pace. Jason does an excellent job getting to know his students and providing feedback and suggestions based on what he knows and has learned about this. Jason's style is easy-going, easy to follow, and natural. The course content is great, the dialogue is great, and I truly believe even the most seasoned presenter would benefit from this course. Excellent in every way!"

So many TOOLS!

"All of the 'tools' that I have now allows me to do my job more efficiently and I feel as though I will be more productive!"

Group Discussion Strategies...

"The group discussions were very helpful in learning how to apply different strategies in similar situations."

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